2019 Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference
    "Payroll Strikes Back"

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    Day/Date Time Session Event Speaker
    Wednesday 10/09/2019 5:00pm - 7:00pm   Early Check-In  
    Thursday 10/10/2019 7:15am - 7:45am   Check-in/Breakfast  
      7:45am - 9:20am General Welcome/Proclamation/Sponsor/Improving Communication Committee/TBD/ Frank Gorrell, CPA
      9:20am - 10:50am   Vendor Hall  
      10:50am - 11:50am Session 1    
        1.A A New Era of Payroll Cory Lough, CPP
        1.B Will the IRS Strike Back: Worker Classification Ley Mills
        1.C Skillful Collaboration Dan Dycus, CPP
        1.D Revenge of the States - State Paid Leave Laws Affecting Employers Suzanne Bach, J.D., CEBS
      11:50am - 1:20pm General General Session Emotional Intelligence/Lunch/PPY/APA Update Kathy Williams
      1:20pm - 2:00pm   Vendor Hall  
      2:00pm - 3:30pm Session 2    
        2.A Child Support: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH PAYROLL PROVIDERS  Cindy Holdren
        2.B Emerging Issues in State Unemployment Susan Dermody
        2.C Audit Policies and Procedures & Internal Controls Ron Moser, CPP
        2.D Finge Benefits Betty Martin, CPP
      3:30pm - 4:30pm   Vendor Hall/Snacks/Vendor Prizes  
      4:30pm - 5:30pm Session 3    
        3.A Correcting the W-2: Form W-2c to 941-X Dan Dycus, CPP
        3.B Reciprocity - IN A STATE FAR FAR AWAY Betty Martin, CPP
        3.C Do Jedi Get Overtime? A Look Into the FLSA Victor Cardwell
        3.D Customer Service Abbey Moran, CPP
      5:30pm - 6:00pm   Free Time  
      6:00pm - 7:00pm   Happy Hour (Cash Bar)  
      7:00pm - 8:00pm   Dinner  
      8:00pm -    Evening Social  
    Friday 10/11/2019 7:15am - 7:45am   Check-in/Breakfast  
      8:00am - 9:30am Session 4    
        4.A Workplace Violence Prevention: A Team Concept Tony Ayers
        4.B FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, and more... Gerard Hall, CPP
        4.C Disaster Recovery - A New Hope Stephanie Salavejus, CPP
        4.D HR Hot Topics Frank Lynch
      9:30am - 9:45am   Break   
      9:45pm - 11:15am Session 5    
        5.A Other Garnishments Abbey Moran, CPP
        5.B Accounting 101 Frank Gorrell, CPA
        5.C Changing Pay Frequencies Gerard Hall, CPP
        5.D Protect Yourself From the Sith, Become a Jedi Christopher Cope
      11:15am -1130am   Break  
      11:30pm - 1:30pm General Lunch General Session Payroll- Loyalty to the Empire/Charity Raffle/Drawings Ron Moser, CPP
      1:30pm - 1:45pm   Break  
      1:45pm - 3:00pm General  General Session A Long Time Ago in a Payroll Department Far, Far, Far Away/Closing/Raffles Margaret Roark & Dan Dycus, CPP