Top 10 Reason to Attend

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    Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference!

    1. Connect ~ VSPC family is like no other, enjoy time to connect, relax, and network
    2. Mentoring ~ Seasoned payroll professionals sharing career advice
    3. Hands-On Learning ~ Learn from leading subject matter experts in the fields of payroll, human resources, and taxation
    4. Collaborative ~ Interact with vendors demonstrating the newest trends & cutting-edge technology in the exhibit hall
    5. Insightful ~ Topics focus on current real-world issues and advice you can apply immediately
    6. Opportunities ~ Advance your career and gain personal fulfillment opening up new opportunities
    7. Focus ~ Allows you to get away and hone in on your career
    8. Learning ~ The most payroll education in Virginia at one time
    9. Credits ~ Earn those much-needed RCH credits for attending
    10. Location ~ Event is easily accessible and located in historical Roanoke