Session Descriptions

    2019 Session Descriptions - Will be updated once confirmed.
    Conference Agenda

    Thursday General Session  


      Opening General Session Improving Communication
    Frank Gorrell, CPA

    Managers and professionals at all levels must rely upon sound communication for effective working relationships. This session provides the communication skills in the workplace needed to handle all types of situations with a flexible, genuine, and self-confident approach, and build collaborative relationships based on trust and respect.
      Lunch General Session


    Emotional Intelligence
    Kathy Williams

    Emotional intelligence describes the ability, skill, and capacity to effectively understand oneself and others, adapt to change, and acclimate to existing environments.  We will discuss critical leadership behaviors that are necessary to manage and influence those people you depend on for the success or failure of your career.

    Thursday Breakout Sessions  


     Session 1 Breakout Session 1.A


    A New Era of Payroll
    Cory Lough, CPP

    In the age of modern technology, companies are evolving rapidly, and so are their payroll needs! Companies are now seeking payroll solutions from service bureaus that offer more than just payroll – they want a system that can do it all. Join this session for a review of Payrolls past, and an introduction into Payroll's exciting future.

      Breakout Session 1.B


    Will the IRS Strike Back: Worker Classification
    Ley Mills

    Companies are continuously unsure whether they are hiring an employee or an independent contractor. What are the determining factors? What are all the necessary steps I must do if this is an independent contractor? If an independent contractor does not provide me with all the information I need, what am I supposed to do? Will I be audited by the IRS if I misclassify the worker? Are there any consequences such as penalties? Is there any way I could avoid a penalty? All these factors, and more will be discussed by Ley Mills, IRS Senior Stakeholder Liaison. And recommended IRS resources and Q&As on will be highlighted. You don’t want the IRS to knock on your door and tell you “sorry but you misclassified your workers.” Let’s prevent that from happening!

      Breakout Session 1.C
    Skillful Collaboration

    Dan Dycus, CPP

    Successful collaboration involves far more than just working side-by-side. It’s a process that requires attitudes, skills, and practices that can be learned and strengthened. Mastering them will not only make your job easier, it will help you become more successful professionally.

      Breakout Session 1.D


    Revenge of the States –State Paid Leave Laws Affecting Employers
    Suzanne Bach, J.D., CEBS

    This session will provide a tour of the various states that have implemented paid leave laws and the basic components of each states’ requirements. 

     Session 2 Breakout Session 2.A

    Cindy Holdren

    Come to this workshop to learn all about employers’ responsibilities in the child support program.  You’ll also hear about what is new with proposed revisions to the Income Withholding for Support (IWO) and the National Medical Support Notice.  Enhancements for the Child Support Portal will bring good news on improvements to help employers with child support tasks.   

      Breakout Session 2.B
    Emerging Issues in State Unemployment
    Suan Dermody

    Beginning with an overview of the unemployment tax system, we will progress to discussing the unemployment tax rating system, savings opportunities, compliance issues, and touch on the ramifications that occur when companies move employees between entities. We will also discuss UI Integrity, SUTA Dumping and look at legislation, and how this is affecting the industry. Examples are as follows: 1) Summary of UI system 2) Unemployment Tax Rate Calculations 3) Methods to Control Unemployment Costs 4) Compliance Responsibilities/Federal & State Legislation Updates

      Breakout Session 2.C


    Audit Policies and Procedures & Internal Controls
    Ron Moser, CPP

    Payroll auditing is never-ending but necessary. In this session, we will show you payroll auditing procedures to help you identify and correct compliance issues early. We will show you how to identify issues by using sampling techniques, report reviews, and cross-training. With the results from these techniques, you will learn how to interpret results, identify risk areas that will assure your department's integrity and compliance. Fraud Prevention starts with good internal controls. We will look at some payroll specific internal controls that will help you meet your audit requirements and help streamline your payroll process. We will also show how having good internal controls provide many side benefits including fraud prevention, compliance, and employee data security.

      Breakout Session 2.D

    Fringe Benefits
    Betty Martin, CPP

    Taxing or not taxing benefits is an important matter with taxable income.  Will you handle them properly to avoid issues with the IRS?

    Session 3 Breakout Session 3.A

    Correcting the W-2: Form W-2c to 941-X
    Dan Dycus, CPP

    You've just completed year-end and you're ready to celebrate when you get that dreaded email informing you an employee's Form W-2 is wrong.  Corrections can vary from the simple (incorrect SSN) to the complex (paycheck created for a terminated employee).  Learn when and how to complete a Form W-2c, when and how to use Form 941-X, as well as the needed journal entries and other affected forms.

      Breakout Session 3.B

    Reciprocity - IN A STATE FAR FAR AWAY.....
    Betty Martin, CPP

    Employees who live in one galaxy but work in another might benefit from a tax reciprocity agreement between the two galaxies. Learn which galaxies have agreements when it comes to taxation so that you aren't in trouble come year-end.

      Breakout Session 3.C

    Do Jedi get overtime? A look into the FLSA.
    Victor Caldwell

    Perhaps no payroll legal topic is more confusing and potentially dangerous than compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This session will provide an overview of FLSA exemptions, extensive discussion about compensable time, and traps to avoid.

      Breakout Session 3.D

    Customer Service
    Abbey Moran, CPP

    Discover how to make each employee connection a positive one—a skill that’s especially crucial in payroll where people tend to speak up only if they believe something is wrong. This session will demonstrate practical ways you can improve your customer service perception. We will also show you valuable customer service techniques and how to meet and exceed customer expectations. Customer service is a company’s opportunity to connect with customers, solve problems, and show they care.

    Friday General Sessions  


      Lunch General Session

    Loyalty to the Empire
    Ron Moser, CPP

    Ethical issues and compliance issues, how can we accomplish this? Even if our organizations don't agree with our interruption or even if they don't want to comply. In this session, we will
    present you with Ethical approaches to your job, ways to get management and teams to get behind you in your effort to comply and improve audit processes. We will also present you with case scenario's to help understand how to implement these techniques.

      Closing General Session

    A Long Time Ago in a Payroll Department Far, Far, Far Awar
    Margaret Roark & Dan Dycus, CPP

    Spend an hour or so with two seasoned payroll professionals with 77 years of combined experience in this whacky world of payroll. Hear about the good, the bad and the funny events they have experienced since joining this group of brave souls who have chosen payroll as their career. The bad stories will tell you how they persevered (and even learned from) painful memories from their past. If only to survive, they also have good stories to pass on that seem to make it all worthwhile. As if that isn't enough, they also had days when they went through something so ridiculous that they had to laugh.

    Friday Breakout Sessions  


     Session 4 Breakout Session 4.A

    Workplace Violence Prevention: A Team Concept
    Tony Ayers

    Team concepts and techniques to implement physical and personnel security to assist in identifying employees who may be in crisis. This team concept will allow employers to work with local law enforcement to attempt to eliminate or mitigate workplace violence.

      Breakout Session 4.B

    FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, and more...
    Gerard Hall, CPP

    There are many benefits you can choose to offer your employees. Flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements are great healthcare plans that let them pay for medically-related expenses. It's important for employees and employers to understand the difference between these types of plans.

      Breakout Session 4.C

    Disaster Recovery - A New Hope
    Stephanie Salavejus, CPP

    Days and weeks after a disaster recovery, payroll professionals are thrust into the struggle of implementing a recovery plan while juggling the challenges associated by temporary workspace, foreign equipment, and a limited workforce. Join Stephanie Salavejus, CPP an Obi-Wan scholar on a daring mission of disaster recovery. Learn why It is not necessary to sacrifices yourself in a lightsaber duel to prove that the "Payroll Source" is with you. Learn the ways of the Jedi in running your company's payroll regardless of the strife and chaos of the disaster with the mission being to restore order in the payroll department.

      Breakout Session 4.D

    HR Hot Topics
    Frank Lynch

    Take a deep dive with HR expert Frank Lynch as he discusses newsworthy topics relevant to payroll professionals. Topics to include: Potential FMLA changes on the horizon, EE0-1 updated reporting, and 1-9 reporting. Be prepared to ask your questions so that you remain compliant in your payroll procedures.

     Session 5 Breakout Session 5.A

    Other Garnishments
    Abbey Moran, CPP

    Did you know that if you don't calculate and withhold a garnishment from wages correctly that your company may be required to pay the entire amount of the employee's debt - not just the corrected payment? This session will review the ways other than child support that wages can be garnished, including creditor garnishments, tax levies and bankruptcy orders. Learn how to calculate a federal tax levy correctly! We all rely on our payroll software to calculate our garnishments, but how do you know that it's right?

      Breakout Session 5.B

    Accounting 101
    Frank Gorrell, CPA

    It's a fact of business-if a company has employees, it has to account for payroll and fringe benefits. In this explanation of payroll accounting we'll introduce payroll, fringe benefits, and the payroll­ related accounts that a typical company will report on its income statement and balance sheet. This course also covers all accounting competencies assessed on the FPC and CPP exams.

      Breakout Session 5.C

    Changing Pay Frequencies
    Gerard Hall, CPP

    The leaders of the company have determined that they need to change the company's pay frequency. Do you have all the tools necessary to implement this change? This course will cover the steps needed to make the payroll change, including communicating with employees, complying with state laws, and all processes and procedures to consider while making the change.

      Breakout Session 5.D

    Protech Yourself from Sith, Become a Jedi
    Christopher Cope

    Business Email Compromises are all too common and finance and payroll professionals are a primary target. This presentation will discuss common ways bad actors will attempt to access your emails and/or payroll systems for the purposes of using your identity to further compromise your systems and your clients. It will also provide ways to better protect yourself and your systems against these nefarious actors.