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President's Report

By Elizabeth Burroughs, CPP

Hello Everyone,

Wow!  It is hard to believe another great conference completed.  I have been asked multiple times, “What was your favorite part of the Conference?” For me, this is a difficult question to answer.  I really do not have a “Favorite” part, but I have many favorite parts. 

Was it the conference Theme?  The theme this year gave us the opportunity to be very creative.  From the Walking Pill bottle, thank you, Linda, for all the photo ops, to the booth setups by exhibitors, our winner this year voted for the Best Exhibitor Booth – PenSoft.

Was it the Speakers? We had several new speakers and many who have returned by popular demand.  They spoke on how to be prepared for Year End, know how to handle terminations, calculating a payroll from beginning to end, and many more great topics.

Was it the Exhibitors?  Who year after year continues to support our organization.  We welcomed new exhibitors - PayCom and Proliant.  And we continued to have the support of old friends, CBiz, Bloomberg BNA, Robert Half, PenSoft, Global Cash and Rapid PayCard.  Of course, we must not forget our government supporters, Department of Justice, EEOC, Office of Child Support Enforcement, Virginia Employment Commission, Social Security Administration and USCIS.

Was it the Entertainment?  I did not know what to expect when RVA Coalition took the stage. But I haven’t laughed that hard in some time.  They didn’t know what to expect of payroll professionals, but we surprised them and they want to come to OUR next conference.  They never thought payroll professionals could be so much fun.

I know what it was, it was the people, from attendees to Exhibitors, to Speakers and board members. I met many new people, who I hope I can call friends.  I saw those who return year after year, who I consider friends.  Without you, the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference would not be the success that it is. 

So in closing, I want to thank everyone.  I don’t want to call out individuals, because I know I will miss someone.  So ….

Thank you, Attendees, for continuing to let us know your needs.  By completing surveys after each session, you let us know what went well, what needs improvement and what you want to hear about.  Thank you to those attendees who saw a need for help and stepped in. From helping Registration hand out Welcome packets and bags to helping each other find a session.

Thank you, Exhibitors, for continuing to support our organization and payroll professionals.  This is just one day, but you continue to support payroll professionals throughout the year.  By attending our conference, our attendees have an opportunity to meet the people behind the product/service.  They have a chance to talk to you in person and put a face with a name.

Thank you, Speakers, your knowledge and your willingness to share your knowledge are greatly appreciated.   Our attendees enjoy attending your sessions and your availability to answer questions during the session and after helps us all grow our network and continue to learn about our profession.

And Finally, I want to thank the VSPC board.  I have been very lucky to work with such a wonderful group of individuals.  They bring their knowledge, their experience, their talent and their dedication to making OUR conference great and wonderful.  It does not go unnoticed how much work it takes to put on this event.   I don’t think there are enough words to express how much each person who attends appreciates your effort.  

Thank you, everyone.  It has been a pleasure to serve as your President for the last two years.  I hope I inspired you to get involved with the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference in the future.  I know I have enjoyed my time serving this great community.  And I look forward to seeing everyone one of you at our Conference next year. 

See you in Williamsburg.

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Exhibitors, Sponsors and Government Sponsors


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Speaker's Corner

By Abbey Moran, CPP

As a reminder, all session handouts are available online at

Was there a speaker you want to see return?  Is there a topic that you’re hoping is on the agenda next year?  Have you been to another presentation that you think would fit in great for the VSPC line-up?  If you have any ideas or thoughts for next year’s conference agenda or class offerings, please share!  All comments, good or bad, are welcome to be sent to

On behalf of the Speaker Committee, I would like to thank our speakers for the 2017 Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference.  Every speaker at our conference this year volunteered their time to create their presentations and share their knowledge with our attendees.  It takes a lot of hard work and bravery to get up in front of nearly 200 people, and we appreciate each and every one of you!

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By Robyn Underwood, CPP / Vivian Hoffmaster, CPP

Wow, what a year for charity donations! Each chapter came through for the online challenge with a total of $1,530 raised surpassing the $1,400 challenge. Then with the two days of charity raffle drawing at the conference raised $2,620 along with the online amount for a grand total of $4,150 giving us our highest charity donation to date.

As I stated in the June newsletter, Health Brigade is able to turn every $1 donated into $8 worth of health services. I am proud of this year’s conference and the outpouring of caring individuals supporting a wonderful cause. The funds raised are equivalent to $33,200 worth of health services for the Richmond area. This is truly an outstanding act our attendees have accomplished.

We are keeping the donations going online for those who wish to still donate and support this wonderful charity. Here is the link: If you want to give credit to your chapter, use the in “honor/memory box” and fill in your chapter.

Again, Vivian and I would like to thank each of you for your wonderful generosity in giving to this worthwhile charity for 2017 VSPC.

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Charity Thank You


By Heather Pollard, Health Brigade

“Unbelievable!”  Those are the words of our staff and volunteers when they heard the news about what the VSPC raised on behalf of Health Brigade.  Your donations at the conference and online help more than you know.  You are each responsible for paying for the medication for someone who desperately needs it in our community.  Or for a medical visit or mental health counseling session for a single mother who is struggling to find work to support her family after a recent layoff and loss of health insurance.  These are our neighbors, our mothers, fathers, siblings, and fellow human beings.  And we thank you for your support and solidarity in standing with Health Brigade in saying everyone deserves health care.  It is a right, not a privilege.  And for the 1,600 patients we see annually we deeply thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope you’ll continue to stay engaged in our work and mission.  Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and hear first-hand stories of how YOU made a difference in someone else’s life.

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By Linda Dailey, CPP

Winning the 2017 Payroll Professional of the Year at the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference was a complete surprise and a huge honor. I have enjoyed volunteering and giving back because someone had done that to help me when I got started.  I truly enjoy volunteering where I do and like getting involved locally, statewide and nationally because it is fun.

In my payroll career, I had a few mentors who helped me over the years. Thank you to Maureen Reed Brown, Jane Holmes, Margaret Roark and Dan Dycus for always being there for me, giving advice when needed, providing that subtle push when I needed it and for always being there to listen.

There are so many friends I could thank as well but I don’t want to forget anyone.  So thank you to all my payroll professional buddies who have been supportive of my career.  I would like to thank my boss and the leadership in the Department of Human Resources at Fairfax County Government.  You have always been supportive and let me take the time to do some of the things I enjoy doing. If I could relay one thing that both Dan and Maureen told me over and over again.  Get involved if you aren’t already. You will get back so much more than you will ever realize.

I am very excited to be the 2017 Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference Payroll Professional of the Year recipient and I am looking forward to our next conference in Williamsburg, VA on October 11th and 12th.

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By Timothy Massenburg, CPP

Thanks to everyone attending the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference this year.  I hope you take advantage of the attendee listing and keep in touch with the many friends and colleagues you met at the conference.  In addition, don’t forget to put to good use that wonderful tote bag that you received.  After cleaning out all of the conference materials, handouts, prizes, and vendor hall give-a-ways, you have a great handy bag that you can use every day.   Some people will use it as a work bag, a gym bag, a tool bag, or a travel bag.  Whatever the case enjoy it until next year.  Special shout outs to Platinum Exhibitor – “Paycom” for sponsoring the tote bags.  Also, many thanks to the volunteers from Hampton Road’s VDOT – Theresa Austin & Sharon Byrum, Henrico County – Marta Sorensen, and Canon’s – Jackie Kronstain. These incredible volunteers helped make my job a smooth success.

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Hotel Reservations

By Jasmine Jones, CPP

On behalf of the Hotel Committee and the staff at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, we hope that you enjoyed your stay at the conference.  I personally enjoyed the hotel staff and accommodations.  We hope that you were able to get out a see a little bit of Richmond during your trip.  We received a lot of feedback that about the change in the breakfast menu and we are looking to continue having the full centennial breakfast next year. 

Don’t forget to book your room for 2018 conference at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Williamsburg.  With the registration already open for 2018, don’t forget to book your room too.   Check back to the hotel page and check for updates on the conference social media pages to find updated information on room rates and links to booking your room.  We can’t wait to see you in Williamsburg.

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Hotel Committee - Vendors Needed

By Jasmine Jones, CPP

The Hotel Committee Wants You!!!!

I have enjoyed being a part of the hotel committee these past few years.  I started out just helping at my first conference when we were in the Waterford Conference Center four years ago.   I showed up early that Thursday morning and just helped where I could and I have enjoyed doing it ever since.  The Hotel Committee is one of the most critical committees for the Virginia State Payroll Conference.  With no location, where would we meet?  But I could be a little bias.  During my time being on the hotel committee, I’ve had the opportunity to see everything from the beginning of how the planning for the next year conference starts and be the one who shuts the door when the last person leaves for the meeting on Friday.  I have the pleasure of working with the great supporting staff at the hotel and connecting with our vendors for the AV, exhibit hall, and evening social entertainment.  I also work with just about every committee.  If they need a room, a microphone, and table for the conference, the hotel committee makes sure it’s there.

The 2018 Hotel committee wants you to join us for the conference at the DoubleTree By Hilton – Williamsburg.  We are looking for people to help build a strong committee and grow as we continue into future conferences.  The hotel committee members are one of the first people at the conference, meeting with the vendors and hotel staff to get the rooms set up for the conference to start the next morning.  They also are greeting follow attendees as they come in rooms and of course, always helping with directions.  We are one of the last to leave, making sure that all business is closed.  As a committee, we would work together so all our responsibilities do not fall on one person.  But we need your help.  If you would like more information or would like to join the committee, reach out to our President Carrie Louise Hovell ( and she will be happy to get you started.

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VSPC Social

By Martha Seemiller

We just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know how great the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference was.  It was a blast and great getting to see everyone and meeting new friends.  The theme this year was payroll wellness, and I know I learned some things on staying in compliance I had not thought of before.  In staying with the theme, our evening social was the Richmond RVA Coalition Theater.  With the old saying, “laughter is the best medicine,” I know I laughed so hard I was crying.  The Improv actors were great and the audience participation was fantastic.  Not sure who was funnier, the improve actors or the audience that was on stage with them.  I hope everyone will join us next year in Williamsburg.  We are already working on ideas for our “Payroll Revolution” to make the 2018 VSPC a great experience for all.

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RVA Comedy Meets Payroll Professionals

By Matt Newman from Coalition Theater's Improv Group

I wanted to thank you all for one of our favorite remote shows in a while, no joke. First, I have to own up to my own bias in coming in to a payroll conference in a back hall conference room in Midlothian and what I thought the crowd would be like. 
I'm very happy to say I was wrong.
We've done remote shows like this for seven years now. We've been to offices, conference rooms, hotels, classrooms, breweries, college campuses, lecture halls, people's basements in their houses...this was one of our favorites in a little while. 
We found you all to be so welcoming, fun, open and willing to take risks. Even if you personally didn't get up on stage, you supported someone who did, and that's just as important. You're a very fun bunch and it felt kind of like a family reunion. You also taught a group of comedians what FICA actually means and we're grateful for that as well.
It's important to come together, to laugh and to prioritize / balance work and play. Keep up the good work and thanks again for having us!

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Comments Coming In.....

We asked a few people who participated in this year's conference to let us know what they thought of our event.  Our first response comes from Elizabeth Herrera from the APA who was able to visit this year's conference:

"I had a wonderful time attending the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference in Richmond, Virginia. I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. The Vendor Hall was full of fun games and networking, which allowed attendees to meet with all the vendors. The VSPC-APA Board members made the event entertaining and educational with fantastic speakers who addressed issues payroll professionals face today.

I had a payroll fever and the only prescription was having a dose of Linda Dailey, CPP dressed as a pill bottle!"

The following comments are from our speakers:

"Thank you for the opportunity to speak at the 2017 Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference. The conference was well organized and filled with helpful information. We hope you found the Social Security session informative as you and your employees plan for retirement. Please visit us online at SSA.GOV to learn more about Social Security and how we are with you through life’s journey."  - Jacqueline Weisgarber, Social Security Administration

"I really enjoyed the conference.  Thank you so much for the invite.  The participants were great.   They were engaging and involved and made my task really easy.  A very nice conference."  - Tom Colclough, EEOC

"I enjoyed it and appreciate the opportunity.  What a great group of people! - Karen Elliott, Esq, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC

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General Session - Review

By Timothy Massenburg, CPP

Best VSPC General Session

Dr. Igor Cody in the W2 Anatomy

Dr. Cody kept the class on the edge of their seats, as she entered the classroom

with Igor’s bloody arm holding onto her and the creeping sounds of a horror movie.

Props were on the tables from eyeballs, bones, skulls, cutoff fingers and hands.  As she

explained the boxes on the W-2, she demonstrated showing the full skeleton body.  Near

the end of the presentation, there were table discussions of how many W-2 Box 12 codes

you could get correct and win a prize.  Dr. Cody was full of life and made learning about the

W-2 fun, exciting and entertaining.


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Best Chapter Booth

By Timothy Massenburg, CPP

Congratulations to the APA Richmond Chapter for being awarded this year's Best Chapter Booth.


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