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Registration is Open

Registration for the 17th Annual Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference CLOSES FRIDAY - September 15.  Do not delay, Register today!   

The hotel room block releases on September 20th, book your room today!

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President's Report

By Elizabeth Burroughs, CPP

Summer is winding down, the kids are back in School.  We just finished celebrating National Payroll Week and Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference, “Your Prescription for Compliance” is just around the corner.   

If you are attending the conference this year, we look forward to seeing you in less than 3 weeks.   If not,  registration does not close until September 15th.  Or, plan to include Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference into the budget for 2018.

By attending this 2-day conference, you will earn 13 credits.  You have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, share ideas, have a meal together and even share a laugh or two. 

Things to do before heading to Richmond:

We have been working hard all year, and look forward to seeing each and every one of you. 

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Hotel Reservations

By Jasmine Jones

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Richmond - Midlothian

1021 Koger Center Boulevard 

Richmond, VA, 23235, USA

TEL: 1-804-379-3800

On September 20th, the room block for the Virginia Statewide Conference will be released!  Book your room today!  The hotel still has rooms plenty of rooms.  After September 20th you can book a room directly with the hotel by calling 1-804-379-3800.  Until September 20th, you can use the links below to book your room until September 20th.

Government Rate- Link

Non- Government Rate link:

Don’t forget that this year’s hotel is a short drive from heart of Richmond.  Here are a few events that will be going on during the weekend after the conference:

  •          “After Dark” Exhibition Venue: Visual Arts Center of Richmond
  •          Interior Painting by Anne Blair Brown & Larry Moore Venue: Brazier Fine Art
  •          Butterflies Live! Venue: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
  •          Highlights of Hollywood Cemetery Walking Tour Venue: Hollywood Cemetery
  •          Exhibitions: Nell Blaine, Biala, Louisa Matthiasdottir Venue: Reynolds Gallery

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Payroll Professional of the Year

The Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference (VSPC) held its sixteenth annual VSPC Payroll Professional of the Year (PPY) awards luncheon on October 6, 2016, at the Renaissance Hotel in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Nine well-deserving members were nominated, and the excitement was electrifying when Jackie Kronstain received 2016 VSPC Payroll Professional of the Year.

Jackie’s 20 years of dedication and love of payroll education was the path to receiving the VSPC’s most prestigious award. 

Do you know a payroll professional who demonstrates a similar passion for the payroll profession?  Then submit a nomination, but you better hurry nominations close at the end of business on Friday, September 22, 2017.

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PPY - Previous Winners

Sandra W Paulus, CPP – Won in 2009

When I was nominated by my employer Davenport for the Virginia Payroll Professional of the Year Award. Of course, I had to provide all of the information to my boss for the nomination, so it was not completely a surprise. I had hopes that I could possibly be selected, but with the many outstanding payroll professionals in our profession, I knew the competition was tough. When my name was called at the VSPC, my knees went weak and it was hard to walk up on the stage. I was so full of emotion, that it was difficult to find the words to thank the VSPC for the recognition. The 11 years of service that I have given to the APA was out of a personal passion that I have for the profession. To be recognized by my peers for doing something I love will forever be one of the highlights of my life. The contacts and friendships made through the APA are invaluable. I would encourage you to become a member of a chapter, volunteer and get involved. We all have valuable talents we could share. Encourage payroll professionals everywhere to stand up and be recognized for their contributions by nominating them for this prestigious award.

Feldman Lane - Won in 2012

What a surprise! When they started to read the accomplishments of the awardee, I thought, that sounds familiar? It was quite a pleasant shock to know that my fellow payroll professionals thought I deserved such an award. The Payroll Professional of the Year award is most based on years of work and efforts to our profession and our fellow members. I never thought about winning anything over the years, just wanted to give something back to the profession that has brought me success. It was a very humbling experience and I will always treasure that moment! I believe other awardees just wanted to give back as well. Our goal was to build the profession and honor the efforts of others. My thanks to all those who came before and those working so hard today to do the same. Thank you.

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Budget Uncertainty Doesn’t Stop Government Agencies Participation

The budgetary constraints of federal and state taxation agencies have directly impacted the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference (VSPC) in recent years.  The participation levels have dropped as much as 80%. 

In 2016 the VSPC secured five government agencies, but with the uncertainty of a budget, many agencies were unable to commit until October 1st, just weeks before the conference.

The 2017 conference is experiencing a 20% growth in government agencies attendance, and we want to keep their numbers strong in future years.  One way to accomplish this is to let the government agencies know how vitally important their participation is to the payroll community. So, we are asking attendees to visit “Government Row” to express their appreciation and thank the representatives for participating.

Even in the wake of budgetary challenges the following government agencies have committed to participate in the exhibit hall and present educational sessions.

Office of Child Support Enforcement


Cynthia Holdren

Social Security Administration


Jacqueline Weisgarber

U.S. Customs Immigration Services - DHS


Dave Basham

U.S. Department of Justice


Alberto Ruisanchez

Virginia Employment Commission


Hosey Burgess

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Travis Nicholson

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Why Volunteer

Speaker/Attendee Gifts Committee

By: Jean Sweeney

I remember when I attended a Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference many, many years ago, in Williamsburg and the President urged attendees to get involved with the conference.  I was so impressed with the conference, from excellent speakers, to the education that I received and the fun connecting with people in the same career path.  I didn’t give it a second thought. This would be a great way to meet people and get involved.  I started to attend the monthly conference meetings and “WOW” what an eye opener.  The many tasks that need to be done well in advance and the ongoing duties before you get to the actual conference. 

So, I got involved with the Speaker and Attendee Gifts Committee.   This position entails ordering attendee gifts, Payroll Professional of the Year award, speaker and sponsor recognition awards.  As a member of the conference committee, we work together to create a great conference.  It takes team work, we bounce ideas back and forth.  Once the theme for the conference has been established, I suggest ideas (to go along with the theme) as well as others on the committee for attendee gifts.  We like to give the attendees something fun and/or useful within the theme and a budget. Yes, a budget.  We are completely budget driven.  Once the idea is in place, I go out and investigate the costs for items and get samples from different vendors.  All board members of the conference review the samples and cost.  Then we take a vote.  Once the attendee gifts are ordered, we plan a Saturday right before the conference to meet and assemble the attendee gifts, booklet, and bag.    

I have stayed with this committee for many, many years because I enjoy what we bring to the conference.  It’s only a very little piece of the puzzle but I’m involved and enjoy all aspects of the conference.   I can say “All” of our Conference board members are talented in some way or another.

 I believe, what you put in is what you get out.  So, get involved.  Meet new people and most of all have FUN!

Speaker Committee

By Luana Murray

After joining the Shenandoah Valley Chapter of the APA, I learned of the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference and attended my first Conference in 2014.  I was impressed not only with the sessions and how they were geared for payroll professionals at various levels in their careers, but also with the camaraderie and upbeat nature of the Conference.  When Dan told the attendees the VSPC could use additional volunteers, I decided to check into it.  

I have served on the Speakers Committee for the last three years.  Though I have never considered myself a real asset to the Committee, I have always tried to make up for my lackluster effort during the planning stages by trying to carry a heavier load during the actual Conference.  Linda Dailey, who was the original Chair, saw to it that I hustled making sure materials were where they needed to be, surveys were distributed and collected, etc.  She made me useful, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Since she has moved to a new Committee, Abbey Moran has taken over the duties of the Speakers Committee, and she too has been great.

The volunteers who work to provide this Conference are dedicated, kind, and fun.  But I now will be moving into the lazier stage of my life (RETIREMENT, YEAH!), and this year will be my last with the VSPC.  I encourage all attendees, if you are given the opportunity to volunteer with this amazing group, take a chance.  You will find the time very rewarding.

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VSPC Social

RVA Comedy Coalition Theater is coming to VSPC

Hello Statewide Conference attendees and potential attendees.  This year the entertainment for our conference is so awesome you will not want to miss it.  In staying with our theme of “Payroll Wellness,” we wanted to bring in entertainment that was also full of wellness potential.  What could be better than comedy?  After all laughter is the best medicine, right?  This year we will have RVA Comedy Coalition Theater group handle our entertainment for you.  They will provide an improve skit that is sure to make you laugh.  If you have not registered yet, do so soon before the prices go up and don’t miss the RVA Comedy Coalition Theater.


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Speaker's Corner

By Abbey Moran, CPP

The Doctor is IN!

Melinee’ Cody, CPP is the Director of Support and Training for Peninsula Software of Virginia, Inc. (PenSoft). She has over 28 years’ of accounting and payroll experience including 19 years with PenSoft. Melinee’ graduated from University of Maryland overseas division in Hilderberg, Germany with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Melinee’ is an active member of the American Payroll Association (APA) and currently serves on the APA’s Hotline, Chapter Mentor Program- CHAMPS, and APA’s Government Relations Task Force IRS Issues Subcommittees. She received the APA Meritorious Service Award in 2012 and the APA Special Recognition Award in 2017. She has held her CPP designation since 2000.

This year, Melinee’ will be presenting “W-2 Anatomy: 101,” which is designed to provide payroll professionals with a fundamental working knowledge of the Form W-2 and its unique anatomy as a basis for properly preparing and completing the form.  In this session, we will dissect the Form W-2 and explore the fundamentals parts that make up the form. This includes line by line instructions of the form with examples.  Additionally, it will cover the best practices that payroll professionals can take immediately to reduce or prevent filing problems and/or errors, cover special reporting situations, including what to do if an error is discovered.  While we are covering the anatomy of the Form W-2, we will also discuss the latest requirements for the Affordable Health Care Act as it pertains to the reporting requirements of the form. (Friday, 9:10am – 10:40am)

She will also be co-presenting “Prescription to Year End Blues” on Friday at 2:50pm.

VSPC is pleased to welcome PayCom to our conference!  Amy Minotti will present “Employee Self Service Technology: Where Companies Go Wrong” during the first breakout session on Thursday at 10:45am.  87% of HR professionals believe that self-service is the most efficient way to provide employees with payroll and HR information. However, businesses have just scratched the surface when it comes to getting the most from their HR technology. Find out where employers are going wrong and how to avoid it.




Carrie Hovell, CPP will be pulling double-duty during the conference, not only serving as Vice President of the conference, but also presenting two breakout sessions as well!  Carrie is the Payroll and Benefits Administrator at Infinitive, Inc in Ashburn, VA.  From 2011 to 2015, Carrie served as the Vendor Chair for the VSPC.  She also serves as the New England Payroll Conference’s (NEPC - 2013 to currently) Exhibitor Co-Chair and Social Media Co-Chair.

Payroll Accounting: A Balanced Diet

After processing payroll, what happens?  We need to record what we have done.  A beginner class for accounting where you will learn the basic principles of accounting and how we record our payroll into the General Ledger.

(Friday, 9:10am – 10:40am)

Record Retention: Schedule your Annual Storage Checkup

Trying to get your files in order?  Space limited in your office?  Don't want to hold on to more than you are required to?  This is the class for you.  We will review the requirements of several agencies and the data employers are required to keep on file.  In the end, you could lose some paper weight.

(Friday, 2:50pm – 4:20pm)

Travis Nicholson is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the EEOC Charlotte District Office. The Education and Outreach program encompasses all external training through the EEOC Training Institute, as well as select no-fee based outreach programs and activities.

Travis joined the Commission in 2009 as an Investigator with the EEOC Detroit Field Office. Prior to joining the EEOC he worked as a Compliance Officer with the U.S. Dept of Labor Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, and he is a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Please join Travis’ breakout session “EEOC Enforcing Equal Pay Laws: Best Practices for Employers” on Friday at 9:10am.  The session will address the EPA and Title VII pay discrimination, and some key pitfalls for employers to avoid with respect to bias and the decision-making process.

On Friday morning, the conference will open with Frank Lynch’s General Session on “Managing Terminations.” Virginia is an at-will employment state.  So why all the fuss when it comes to firing an employee?  This session will provide some tips on how to manage the termination process in order to minimize risk.  This is a topic that will benefit all employers and payroll professionals to ensure compliance and avoid critical risk factors.

We will also see Frank at his breakout session at 10:50am on Friday, “Preparing for Employee Issues – What are Agencies Looking for When Receiving an Employee Complaint?”  Everyone fears the moment an auditor walks through your office doors.  In this session, Frank will provide some insight into what agencies may be looking for and what your company may need to provide.


Frank Lynch is a Director and Assistant General Counsel for Allianz Worldwide Partners and works in Richmond, Virginia.  He is responsible for managing the company’s contracting process.  In addition, Frank also serves as the primary legal point of contact for the company’s Human Resources department, assists with managing large litigation matters, and supports the Market Management department with intellectual property matters.  He joined AWP in November 2007 as Senior Counsel.  Prior to joining AWP, Frank served as Assistant General Counsel for Cavalier Telephone, a competitive local exchange carrier, headquartered in Richmond.  While at Cavalier, he aided sales and corporate departments with preparing and reviewing contracts.  He also addressed employment law and corporate disputes.  Prior to joining Cavalier, Frank was in private practice with two law firms in downtown Richmond (McSweeney, Burtch & Crump and LeClairRyan), where he represented clients in securities litigation, bankruptcy and general corporate matters.

Frank is a 1991 graduate of The College of William and Mary (A.B. in Government).  Following graduation, he worked in Richmond as a litigation paralegal for two years.  In 1993, he began law school at the Columbus School of Law (Catholic University of America) and, after his first year, transferred to the Marshall-Wythe School of Law (William & Mary).  He earned his Juris Doctor in 1996 and is admitted to practice law in Virginia.

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The fundraising drive for the VSPC Charity of the Year, Health Brigade, is off to a GREAT start. As of August 30, a total of $1,025 has been donated. Several Chapters have already met their challenge of $200 per Chapter and many individuals have donated as well. What a wonderful way to start the Charity drive for the 2017 Conference!

With “Your Prescription for Compliance” as the theme for this year, Health Brigade fits right in since they provide primary care to the community. Your donations mean they can continue to deliver quality health care to the poor and uninsured. Just recently, they launched a “food farmacy” program that will help people who need special diets to better manage their health. 

VSPC has a direct link to the Health Brigade website for our donations. So, when you make a donation on line, it’s visible right away and shows VSPC’s progress toward the goal. The link is:

You can donate at any time and even if you aren’t able to attend the conference, you can still make a contribution using this link. Remember, Health Brigade depends on the generosity of the community to keep them going. 

For more information on Health Brigade, you can visit the charity page on the VSPC website at:

Don’t forget to bring some cash or checks for the Annual Charity raffle with some awesome baskets. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. All proceeds will be going to Health Brigade. Tickets will be sold during the conference with the drawing to be held on Friday during lunch.

Thanks to all that have contributed so far and we look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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Chapter News

Charles Town WV:

Please try to join us on September 8th for our quarterly chapter meeting celebrating NPW along with our 7th anniversary. Our meetings are held at American Public University, 393 North Lawrence Street, Charles Town, WV 25414 at 2 pm. The topic is “Payroll Calculations – The Basics and Beyond” with speakers Lura Woodley CPP/PHR and Denise Shoemaker, CPP.  For those looking to sit for the CPP/FPC exam this would be a great refresher course. For more information, please contact or register online for this event at We look forward to seeing you at our chapter meeting!

Hampton Roads:

Robert Half and Hampton Roads Chapter cordially invite you to attend our next meeting held on Thursday, September 14, 2017, from 8:00-11:00  at the Norfolk International Airport Conference room. Our speaker includes Tom Franz and John Stevin from Integrity Data and they will be speaking on the topic, ‘Coffee with Integrity Data & the ACA’.  Also, our Professional Development Speaker, Lindo Gharib of Robert Half International, the topic is  ‘Navigating Office Politics for Payroll Professional’.  This excellent way opportunity to obtain 2 Recertification Credit Hours.

We will be collecting Peanut Butter for our Local Food Bank.  Visit us at for more information.


One Day Class – Cram for the Exam 6.5 RCHs – September 16, 2017 Fairfax, VA (cost $120 members includes continental breakfast and lunch)

This one day class will help you prepare for the Fall 2017 Certification Exam.  This class covers the laws that were in place as of January 1, 2017.

Community Outreach – Kidney Walk – October 14, 2017 Washington, DC

Chapter Meeting 1.5 RCHs ––November 9, 2017 Springfield, VA (cost $55 nonmembers or $45 members includes lunch)

Topic:  Correcting the W-2: Form W-2c to 941-X and More!

Speaker:  Rosemarie Fraumeni, CPP

Chapter Meeting 1.5 RCHs ––December 14, 2017 Springfield, VA (cost $55 nonmembers or $45 members includes lunch)

Topic:  Year-End Review/Legislative Updates

Speaker:  Mike Baer and Howard Perlman, CPP


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